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The environment is a part of us: working to protect the environment for a sustainable future is more and more essential.


CO2 produced by 2030


of sacks made from 100% recycled paper


of raw materials of natural origin


m2 of photovoltaic panels


trees and shrubs in planting projects
We are planning for SIS 2030 and have set ourselves the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by more than 50%.

We have decided to undertake a tree and shrub planting project involving the entire workforce (more than 50 trees and more than 1000 shrubs have already been planted).

We have recently installed a photovoltaic system at the San Marino plant.
We are converting all our glues and inks to more and more natural materials.

SIS’s love of the environment goes a long way back: we are founder members of Comieco (the Italian consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging).

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pannelli solari in SIS
Our research team have been working for years to provide our clientele with eco-sustainable packaging solutions. We attempt to reconcile our customers’ requirements with the use of raw materials of natural origin.
Paper is definitely the best raw material for creating eco-friendly packaging. When possible, we use 100% recycled paper of Italian and Spanish origin, used for SISBIO sacks. As an alternative, we use Kraft paper produced from 100% virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests.
Social sustainability
Our sense of responsibility towards future generations leads us to offer young people genuine support, with special safeguards for the most disadvantaged.
SIS works at various levels to develop a more ethical economic culture. More than 95% of our workforce are on permanent contracts. We support social and cultural programmes and help to fund cultural events in the Republic.
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of the workforce are on permanent contracts


more than 30% of staff are UNDER 40

42 years

the average age of workers is 42
We support

Cultural events

We only purchase our raw materials from trustworthy suppliers who support the environment and society
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What people say about us

"It is a great pleasure for us to work with a company like SIS. Their commitment to the environment and mission of making the world a cleaner place are the best possible proof that we have a real business partner at our side."

Natron-Hayat doo
What people say about us

"As SIS’s suppliers of their new central drum flexographic press, we immediately noticed that they were extremely focused on and aware of all aspects relating to environmental protection and solutions’ eco-sustainability."

Ing. Andrea Dallavalle (Sales Director Europe) - Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica SpA
What people say about us
"We are very proud that SIS joins us in targeted, sustainable support for environmental protection projects, making an active contribution to a better, cleaner future. Our companies care a great deal about future generations and their wellbeing."
Drautrans GmbH
What people say about us

"As we work constantly to innovate conventional packaging for a sustainable future, here at Billerud we are very happy to have a partner like SIS that shares our beliefs"

Peter Sundvall (Sales Director, Business Area Sack & Kraft Paper) - Billerud
What people say about us
“Over these years of partnership, SIS has taught us that we can all work together towards a greater common goal: sustainability."
Alessandro Sabbatini (Product manager water base inks) - Hubergroup
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